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As the name suggests, the pouches that are sealed  from the three sides and one side is kept open; and is heat sealed after the product is filled into it. These pouches serve a great purpose in different segments such as snacks, confectionery, pharmaceuticals & other FMCG markets.


Size Guidance ( Choose one of size as per requirement ) :

3.5 x 6 Inch Pouch = 50 Gram Powder

4 x 7 Inch Pouch = 100 Gram Powder

5 x 8 Inch Pouch = 200 Gram Powder

6 x 9 Inch Pouch = 250 Gram Powder

7 x 10 Inch Pouch = 500 Gram Powder

8 x 12 Inch Pouch = 1000 Gram Powder

9 x 13 Inch Pouch = 1250-1500 Gram Powder


Note :

1-These pouches do not have any ZIP

2- These are made from Mettalized LDPE and have 100 Micron Laminated Printing

3- Printing Quality - HD Multicolour High Quality

4- Finishing - Matt / Glossy can be chosen by customer

Just upload your front and back artwork and you are ready.

Ensure that you upload work on high quality and appropriate size else the image will be stretched and the overall look will not be good.

In case of any support is required, feel free to WhatsApp on +91-95387-80135 during business hours and team will respond you back .

3 Side Seal Pouch

  • Please check the below youtube link to get more details:

    • Most convenient & more straightforward option.
    • User Friendly & Space convenient
    • The pocket-Friendly choice for Start-ups
    • Ease of dispensing the product
    • Top Notch availability for easy tearing
    • Easliy sealable from sealing machine

    Why Myperfectpack :

    • No Minimum order required
    • Worldwide delivery
    • No Cylinder Making charges
    • No Colour Restriction
    • Non-Tearable from the Side and easily open from the top
  • Size of Pouch In Inch Suitable for Weight (Appx) 

    Up to 30 GM

    3.5x5 Up to 40 GM
    3.5x6 Up to 50 GM
    4x7 Up to 100 GM
    5x8 Up to 200 GM
    6x9 Up to 250 GM
    7x10 Up to 500 GM
    8x12 Up to 1000 GM


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