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Introducing our Airtight Silver Tin Jar (75mm x 120mm) – a sleek and functional solution for your storage needs. This compact jar, designed with a modern silver finish, combines style with practicality. Ideal for preserving the freshness of spices, herbs, or small essentials, its airtight seal ensures your contents remain at their best. The 75mm x 120mm dimensions make it versatile for various uses. Elevate your organization with the Airtight Silver Tin Jar – where contemporary design meets reliable freshness, all in a compact and stylish package.


Airtight Silver Tin Jar (75mm x 120mm)

  • This storage container is specifically designed for versatile storage applications, offering a generous capacity of 100 grams. With dimensions measuring 75mm x 120mm, the container takes on a cylindrical shape and is constructed from durable tin material, presenting an elegant silver color and a simple, plain pattern. The rounded design, coupled with an airtight model type, ensures secure storage, preventing air and moisture from affecting the contents. Notably, the container is corrosion-resistant, enhancing its durability over time. Suited for storing various materials, this container seamlessly combines functionality with a modern, corrosion-resistant design, making it an ideal choice for all-purpose storage needs.

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