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Brown Kraft Paper - Spout Pouch wth label Print.

Brown Craft Spout pouches are facilitated with a re-closable cap and are ideal for packaging liquids, beverages, adhesives, and even powders.

Buy stand-up pouches with Spout, our stock range offers a wide array of sizes suitable for filling 50 ml to 1 L liquid � cold and hot. These pouches can be customized as per your business requirement.

Spout Pouch filling machines can be used to easily fill the liquid product in flexible packaging.

All the pouches are fixed with nozzles. You can choose from our various sizes for Pouch size and Spout Cap size.

Brown Kraft Paper - Spout Pouch

    • Tamper-proof spout allows easy pourability and reclose-ability
    • Reliable, safe and leak-proof packaging, for both hot and cold liquids
    • Nozzles are either fixed either in the center or in the corner
    • Our Stock range of Spout Pouches are Stand Up available in various standard dimensions
    • For smaller quantities, a label can be applied on the pouch for branding
    • The diameter of the spout comes in different sizes

    Recloseable Spout

    Food Grade Cerrtified

    100% Recyclable

    Heat Sealable

    Multi Layers

    Leak Proof

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