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Myperfectpack - Design, Printing & Packaging Solution For Every Company  Better branding is made possible with Campaign and Political Stickers printing.

Make Everyone’s Vote Count With Compelling Campaign Stickers 

Create and give away political stickers to supporters and voters in the coming election. Campaign stickers are a fast, affordable, and effective way to promote your candidate. Supporters will gladly apply it to their cars and gadgets, giving you free advertising on the go. Customize every detail, from the size, shape, and color finish, to ensure the election campaign stickers are in line with your candidate’s image.  

Custom printing of political campaign stickers also contributes to increasing voter turnout. You can also print campaign stickers in bulk to give away and encourage more people to the polls. “I voted” stickers are effective because they reaffirm an individual’s “self-concept as a good citizen,”


Labels / Sticker are available in cut-to-size ( Means we will cut as per your dimension and you just need to stick to your product)

  • Use self-adhesive paper or Non-Tearable Sheet
  • Label can easily stick to most surfaces. They are applicable in jars, bottles, plastic containers, and cans.
  • The all-purpose back with crack and peel feature helps for easy stacking
  • They are also available in waterproof vinyl materials.


The printing turnaround time for cut-to-size labels is as fast as 1 business day. Upload your design today and get top-quality custom beverage labels printed at your doorstep.


  • Printed on long-lasting elegant sticker paper, waterproof vinyl, or film
  • Choose Between Cut-to-Size or any size or shape
  • Printed with a High-level Digital Printer
  • Self-Adhesive, sticks to practically any surface
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Delivering worldwide
  • Legal Company ( Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange)

Campaign and Political Stickers( Any size , Any shape)

  • How to Customize Your Campaign Stickers

    Choose the appropriate format: cut-to-size

    Will you be giving away a set of campaign stickers at a rally or a fundraiser? Print them in individual cut-to-size stickers so they’re ready to hand out and for supporters to apply wherever, whenever. The roll format is recommended for fast application on items such as mugs, tumblers, and other giveaways. You can use a label dispenser for automated applications. 

    Select a material that will withstand the promotional conditions. 

    The available materials depend on the sticker type. For cut-to-size election campaign stickers, we offer: 

    • Glossy Label that works for indoor use and comes in gloss, matte, and high-gloss UV protective coatings. 
    • white vinyl high-gloss that can withstand exposure to water and various weather elements. 
    • White premium sticker paper for indoor applications 
    • BOPP that comes in white, clear, silver metallic, or rainbow holographic backgrounds. 
    • Textured materials in cream and white variations. 

    Print in size and shape in line with the branding of your candidate or cause.

    Other shapes such as the hexagon, arch, and starburst are available under cut-to-size. Perfect for a message that needs to stand out from the sea of standard-shaped campaign ads.

    Send us the artwork in the most convenient means possible. Upload your print-ready design or create one using the online design tool directly on our website. All files go through a standard technical check before proceeding to production. You’ll be informed of any errors. You can also opt to review and approve the online PDF proof before printing.

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