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These Brown KRAFT Stand Up Pouches are made of fully natural unbleached Kraft Paper. Kraft Paper is well known for its strength and is therefore widely used in packaging applications for various commercial and export packaging purposes.

Our pouches are made using world-class materials and the latest technology to further ensure the best feel and finish.


For all of your food packaging needs, we at Myperfectpack offer a huge range of products in special sizes and colors. Our Kraft pouches and sachets can meet your extraordinary needs at premium quality and competitive prices.

Whether for expert or personal use, our bags are best for carrying your food products safely.

In addition, we help you choose the right customization suitable for your product. Encash business gains with the right packaging.

Kraft Paper Pouches assure the least environmental impact with less plastic use without disruption in product shelf life.

Standup Pouch - Brown Kraft Paper - Rectangular Window

  • Advantages of using Paper Pouches :-
    Brown Kraft Paper Pouches have High aesthetic appeal as they are made using natural paper
    Paper Pouches provides Eco-friendly packaging option
    High barrier properties
    Paper pouches further minimizes Carbon footprint
    i) Used for packaging FMCG products like Spices, Pulses, Millets, Rice, Dry Fruits, Pet foods, cosmetics masks etc.
    ii) A Colored Sticker or Label can be applied for personalized branding. Custom printing is also possible
    iii) Available with and without Zipper
    iv) Can attach one-way degassing Valves for coffee beans packaging

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