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Standup Pouch - Foil- Both Side

Suitable for : Spices, Dryfruit , Snacks, Tea, Coffee, Nakeen or all kind of Food Material

Strength: 120 Micron, FSSAI Approved, 3 Layer Pouch

Standard Size : ( as reference only , customer need to choose correct size as per product density and volume )

3.5x6 - Suitable for 50 GRAM Powder

4x7 - Suitable for 100 GRAM Powder

5x8 - Suitable for 200 GRAM Powder

6x9 - Suitable for 250 GRAM Powder

7x10 - Suitable for 500 GRAM Powder

8x12 - Suitable for 1000 GRAM Powder

9x13 - Suitable for 1250 GRAM Powder


Standup Pouch - Foil- Both Side

Metallized pouches are coated with a fine layer of metallized Polyester, giving them a glossy metallic effect. These pouches provide durable packaging that retains the product's freshness for a long. These are lightweight and relatively cost-effective

Printing TypeLaminated Digital Print - Minimum order quantity is  1 Nos, ( WOW)
( No Plate Charge, No Additional Cost, No Restriction of Colours)
Zipper AvilableYes
Zipper TypePress and Lock
Window PossibleBoth Side Metallized/ One Side Metallized-one side transparent standard.
Standard FinishingGlossy / Foil
Recyclable Yes ( Grade 4 , LDPE)
Customizations  Material Combination
Sizes ( As per standard size )
Finish ( Matt, Glossy)
Common Applications Herbs and Spices, Snack food, Namkeen, Pet food, Pet Food, Supplements, Tea, Coffee
Industry Food, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care.
Extra Info

It Can be sealed using a heat sealing machine, strong zipper and v-notch for easy tear.

Standup Pouch - Foil- Both Side

    • Thickness of Metallized pouches is 110 -130 microns
    • Enhanced barrier properties
    • Raw materials used are 100% Food Grade and our pouches are 100% Recyclable
    • Used for packaging products like Baby products, Nuts, Confectionery, Pharmaceuticals , Cosmetics, Frozen foods etc.
    • Available with zipper and bottom gusset


    • Lightweight with enhanced barrier properties
    • Multi-layer pouches with combination of METPET, PET & PE
    • Have a glossy finish

    Important Note :

    1- If you are selecting printing option ( one side / both sides) , you need to provide a graphic design file in the same size . You can upload online .

    2- Preferred to have file in good quality . Extension of file can be in CDR, PNG, PSD or Editable PDF or Adobe format or any graphic design software format .

    3- If customer not able to upload online ,  can share file via email to Alternatively you can upload in google drive and share a link with us with access to email (

    Caution :

    1-Team will not modify any content in your design

    2-Team will not make a mockup/ take approval before printing as this design is shared by you ; so we are not authorized to change any content.

    3- If you need assistance with graphic design, you need to add graphic design services extra to printing. A graphic designer will connect with you and understand your requirements.

    In case of any clarification, feel free to write or call us or whatsapp on +1-716-218-3242.