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Package street food - Pack with Myperfectpack

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

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Buy Eco Paper Box - Myperfectpack

Myperfectpack: Street food meets customers where they are, whether that’s music festivals, craft fairs or simply the high street. By being situated at celebratory destinations, the public are already in the mindset of ‘treating themselves’, causing the snowballing popularity of street food. Not to mention, the aromas of a stall and the customers consuming the food in view of others can act as free marketing, maximising exposure in a way that eat-in restaurants cannot compare to.

Myperfectpack Eco to go - Packaging

Given the very visible way in which street food is consumed, it is important to send the right brand message to potential new customers. This is best achieved with eco-friendly paper food packaging.

Our range of kraft and solid board sustainable packaging is all recyclable and biodegradable with some commercially compostable products too.

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Myperfectpack Eco Friendly Paper Box

Kraft takeaway boxes are suitable for hot, cold, wet and dry foods thanks to the greaseproof PE lining that keeps consumption clean and convenient.

Best for complete meals or sides; from a full curry wurst with fries to tikka bites, there are seven sizes to cater toward various dishes.

Paper food boxes require not much assembly and are ready to be immediately filled. This, combined with the same leakproof PE lining makes this packaging perfect for noodle soups such as miso ramen and salads with dressing. Best for salads or dishes with sauces, these bowls are also microwavable apart from the largest lid size.

Burger boxes are naturally a perfect choice for burgers, however the clamshell and premium styles are similarly effective at packaging doughnuts or cakes. The ventilation holes keep food fresh if it is not immediately eaten at a venue, making these sustainable boxes suitable for street food and takeaway orders.

The rise of the vegan burger makes investment into eco-friendly packaging all the more important; many ditch animal products for environmental reasons that are undermined if their meat-free purchase arrives in non-recyclable plastic or polystyrene. Corrugated card is recognisably recyclable, helping to align your brand with green credentials.

Paper box like pizza box, burger box, sandwich box with digital print

Greaseproof paper bags or sheets require minimal storage, making them ideal for mobile market stalls or vans. Moreover, they are an extremely versatile packaging solution for an array of popular street foods including tacos or pastries which are particularly well-suited to this lightweight option. The sheets are made from a sulphite pulp meaning that they are compostable as well as recyclable, boosting their sustainability further.

Low risk, high reward- Packaging

One of the great draws of selling street food is the low start-up costs given the lack of a physical location and the ensuing property price. Kite’s wholesale prices support the low cost and low risk appeal of street food start-ups as the whole range has been curated to be highly affordable.

The plastic products included in the range reflect exceptional value for money while all being 100% recyclable and most containing recycled content. This balances the environmental responsibility we should all take toward caring for our planet with the low margins required to maximise business growth.

Efficiency and effective Packaging

Our current culture of environmental awareness strongly asserts that customers care about our planet and basic business knowledge will confirm the importance of minimal outgoings. These considerations have already been covered, yet to run a successful street food enterprise, you must also consider the efficiency at which you can serve your meals and the effectivity of the packaging.

Efficiency and Effective Packaging
Myperfectpack- Paper Packing

Kite’s range require minimal assembly and are made with smart storage in mind. Most arrive flat-pack or are nestable to conserve space behind a stall. The packaging products are resolutely fit for purpose with specialist features such as PE coatings, lock-in tabs and form fitting lids.

As the only employee share-owned packaging company in the UK, you can feel confident that we will only sell items we know to be beneficial for your business.

If you’re a street food vendor, feel free to get in touch with one of our product experts to discuss your specific needs


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