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Pure Bliss in Every Sip: Discover the Essence of Tea ( Camellia Sinensis) Packaging

Unique Tea Design by Myperfectpack
Importance of Packaging in Tea

The Significance of Tea Packaging: How MyPerfectPack Solves the Problem with No Minimum Order Required Printing and Packaging.

In the world of beverages, few are as universally loved as tea. It comes in a myriad of flavors and forms, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. But while the quality of tea leaves undoubtedly matters, equally important is the packaging that preserves its freshness, aroma, and overall quality. In this blog, we'll delve into the crucial role of tea packaging and explore how MyPerfectPack can solve packaging challenges, offering a unique advantage with it's no minimum order requirement for printing and packaging.

History : The actual origin of tea aren’t quite known but it is believed to have originated from north east India, north Burma, southwest China or Tibet. The harvesting and selling of tea began hundreds of years ago in China and from there it spread to Japan and Korea.

During the Tang dynasty, tea was steamed, then pounded and shaped into cake form.

• Tea was first introduced to Western priests and merchants in China during the 16th century, at which time it was termed chá.

• In India, tea industry originated after 1823 as result of discovery of tea plant in Assam. The discovery of indigenous tea in Assam in 1823 led to the origins of the tea industry in India

Beat Tea Packaging in India
Different Type of Packaging

The Importance of Tea Packaging:

Packaging is an important part of the food manufacturing process. It protect the food products from physical ,chemical, biological damages.

• Without packaging, materials handling would be a messy, inefficient and costly exercise and modern consumer marketing would be virtually impossible.

• Packaging Institute International defined packaging as the enclosure of products, items or packages in a wrapped pouch, bag, box, cup, tray, can,tube, bottle or other container form to perform one or more of the following functions: containment, protection, preservation, communication, utility and

performance. If the device or container performed one or more of these functions, it was considered a package

  1. Preservation of Freshness: Tea is susceptible to moisture, light, and air, all of which can degrade its quality. Proper packaging protects tea leaves from these elements, ensuring they remain fresh and flavorful.

  2. Aroma Retention: The delightful aroma of tea is a major part of the sensory experience. Well-designed packaging, with proper seals and barriers, keeps the aroma intact until the moment you brew your cup.

  3. Visual Appeal: Packaging is often the first thing consumers notice about a product. Attractive and well-designed tea packaging can grab the attention of potential buyers and convey the essence of your brand.

  4. Informative Labeling: Packaging serves as a canvas for providing essential information about the tea, such as ingredients, brewing instructions, and certifications like organic or fair trade.

  5. Branding and Differentiation: Unique packaging distinguishes your tea from competitors. It creates a lasting impression and can help build brand loyalty.


Packaging of tea is mainly done to protect the tea from outside environment especially after the completion of process so that tea can retain flavor, aroma, freshness for a longer period of time

Best LDPE Tea Packaging in India
LDPE TEA Packaging


  • Low-density polyethylene is heat sealable, inert, odour free and shrinks when heated.

  • It act as a barrier to moisture and has high gas permeability

  • It is less expensive, therefore widely used.

  • Has ability of fusion welded to itself to give good, tough, liquid-tight seals

Best TEA Standup Pouch FSSAI Approved
Standup Pouch - Foil - Printed Tea Pouch


  • PET can be made into film by blowing or casting. Melting point of PET is higher than PP which is

  • around 260°C and due to the manufacturing conditions does not shrink below 180°C.

  • PET is ideal for high-temperature applications.

  • It also act as good barrier of oxygen and watervapor.

Label on PET JAR and Glass Jar for Tea Packaging
Jar Labelling


  • Now a day glass container has been also used for packaging the tea. It has

  • following advantages:

  • act as a strong barrier to moisture, gases, odours and micro-organisms.

  • do not react with food products.

  • suitable for heat processing when hermetically re-usable sealed

  • glass is re-useable and recyclable

  • they are transparent to display the contents

  • they are rigid, to allow stacking without container damage.


  • Aluminium is used for packaging as it is highly malleable.

  • It can be easily converted to thin sheets and folded, rolled or packed.

  • Aluminium foil acts as a total barrier to light and oxygen odours and flavours, moistness, and is used broadly in food packaging, including long-life packs.

Get Best TEA Packaging design and material
Zip Lock Bags - Kraft Paper / Plastic


  • The paper bag form an excellent packaging material for tea. They may be kraft paper, plastic coated, solid fiber board, linear board, box board etc.

  • The advantages of using of paper is that it is weightless, capability for printing on the surface, low cost and easy disposability.

  • The disadvantages include low wet and tear strength.

Unique and innovative Packaging myperfectpack
Unique Packaging in TEA Pouch ( Side Gusset)

Cylinderless printing tea Packaging by Myperfectpack
Paper Box Packaging


  • LabellingLabeling is a means of performing the communication function of packaging, informing the consumer about nutritional content, net weight, product use and so on.

  • Labeling acts as a silent salesman through distinctive branding, as well as facilitating identification at check-outs through the Universal Product Code (UPC)

Buy Any Kind of Tea Packaging from myperfectpack
Different Type of Packaging options

Tea Box Design and Packaging
Box Die Line of Packaging


The general capable requirement for packaging:

• A utensil or container made of the following materials or metals, when used in the preparation, packaging and storing of food shall be deemed to render it unfit for human consumption:—

• (a) containers which are rusty;

• (b) enameled containers which have become chipped and rusty;

• (c) copper or brass containers which are not properly tinned

• (d) containers made of aluminium not conforming in chemical composition to IS:20 specification for Cast Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy for utensils or IS:21 specification for Wrought Aluminium and Aluminium Alloy for utensils

A package containing tea with added flavour shall bear proper label declaration as "FLAVOURED TEA".

• Labeling should contain the following information:

✓ Name of the food product.

✓ List of ingredients.

✓ Nutritional information.

✓ Declaration of VEG and NON VEG.

✓ Declaration of added food additives.

✓ Name and address of manufacturer.

✓ Net quantity

✓ Code number

✓ Lot number/ Batch number.

✓ Date of manufacturing.

✓ Best before date

✓ Country of origin.

✓ Instruction for uses


The proper storage of tea with utmost care is very important because improperly stored tea will go stale or rancid much faster which may further alter the aroma and flavor and can also harm the health of consumer.

• Thus proper tea storage requires the ollowing :

Dark Place : Tea should be always stored in a dark room to avoid it from sunlight or UV light, so that quality such as aroma and flavor should be maintained till final consumption.

➢ Airtight: To avoid tea from absorbing moisture and unpleasant odour from air.

Hypothermia: Heat exposure will quickly ruin the quality of tea thus avoid keeping tea in sunlight or near heat.

➢ Away from strong odour . Tea leaves have tendency to absorb any odour quickly thus tea must be stored separately from the product which have strong odour such as spice.

➢ Away from moisture.

Challenges in Tea Packaging:

Traditionally, obtaining custom packaging for tea products has been a complex and costly process, often requiring a minimum order quantity that can be prohibitively high for small or emerging tea brands. This limitation can stifle innovation and hinder the growth of businesses.

MyPerfectPack: A Solution with No Minimum Order Requirement

MyPerfectPack stands out as a game-changer in the world of tea packaging. Here's how it addresses the challenges:

  1. Customization: MyPerfectPack offers complete customization options, allowing you to create packaging that aligns with your brand's identity and values. From choosing materials to designing graphics, you have full creative control.

  2. No Minimum Order Requirement: Unlike traditional packaging suppliers, MyPerfectPack allows you to order as few or as many units as you need, making it ideal for startups, small businesses, or those looking to test new product lines.

  3. Cost-Effective: By eliminating the need for large minimum orders, MyPerfectPack helps you avoid excess inventory and reduces upfront costs. This allows you to invest more in the quality of your tea and marketing efforts.

  4. Quick Turnaround: With efficient production processes and a commitment to timely delivery, MyPerfectPack ensures that your custom tea packaging is ready when you need it.


The significance of tea packaging cannot be overstated, as it plays a pivotal role in preserving tea's quality, enhancing its appeal, and building brand recognition. MyPerfectPack offers a solution to the challenges faced by tea businesses, with its no minimum order requirement for custom printing and packaging. With this innovative approach, tea brands can now focus on crafting exceptional blends while leaving the packaging worries behind, ultimately delivering a superior tea-drinking experience to their customers.

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