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5 Best Diwali Gifts for Friends and Family

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

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Diwali, or the Festival of Lights, is one of the most widely celebrated holidays for people of Indian descent living both in India and all over the world, according to The Hindu American Foundation. Diwali is a five-day celebration that typically takes place in October and November, and its name is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “row of lights.” The festival celebrates light triumphing over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. It also serves as the start of the New Year in many regions of India.

Many people spend the festivities sharing meals and enjoying time spent with friends and family, performing acts of dana (charitable giving) and seva (selfless service), lighting lamps called diyas, cleaning their homes and exchanging small gifts. Those presents are often sweets and dried fruits as well as other meaningful tokens of love and appreciation.

Below, you'll find myperfectpack's roundup of the best Diwali gifts for 2022, which include edible treats and sweets, as well as unique ideas and personalized picks for just about every recipient's taste, from gifts for the sister who has everything to presents for husband who's impossible to buy for — even ideas for that neighbor who has a special place in your social circle. You can buy them all online from Myperfectpack or visit the store or call to sales team , and most of them can be delivered all over the world if you're celebrating with your loved ones from afar. neighbour

1.Build-Your-Own Spice Set - Diwali Special

myperfectpack diwali gift hamper world wide delivery
Why always Sweet - Make this occasion special with spices

To infuse their cooking with Indian flavors (or restock their already-robust spice cabinet), build them the perfect starter pack of three to nine jars of signature spices. They're perfect for newlyweds, first-time homeowners, college students or anyone who likes to cook.

2.Diwali Gift Box - crafted for a special loved one

Buy Premium Customized Box and order premium team in box this diwali
Myperfectpack Customized Herbal Tea Box

Send them everything they need to light up their Diwali celebration, complete with pretty lights, a henna-painted holder and a bag of nuts for snacking and more

You can even design your own box and customized it as per your requirement. With Myperfectpack you don't need to worry about minimum order quantity.

3.Diwali - Inspired personalized art print

Buy CO2 Laser engraving sheet printed
Mypefectpack - CO2, Laser Print on PVC 5MM sheet

For the vintage enthusiast, this art print will fit right in with their r decor. It's inspired by Indian culture, and if the antelope does't have the right vibes, there are also tiger, lotus bird and other designs. Even you can print your friend's personal picture.

Now you can customize any picture in CO2 Laser (one Colour Yellow) engraving on PVC Sheet . This will look different compared to the normal printed picture in the room.

4.Acrylic Picture

Are you looking for the perfect personalised gift, promotional item or recognition award? Myperfectpack's solid acrylic photo is ideal as room decor this Diwali . We use the highest quality optical acrylic available. Apart from that you can customize the letter written in gold with acrylic sheet . With Mix and match a unique gift can be prepared . This also can be packed in premium box and deliver to your nearest one this diwali .

Acrylic printing products

5.Unique Customized Diwali Gift Hamper Box ( Choose what you want to customizer)

Now you can choose and customize the way you want to make your unique box . Choose Chocolate , candle,Premium Tea, Lord's idol or many more with myperfectpack .

You can buy online from Myperfectpack or call to +91-9387-80135 or write email on

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