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Guide to folded leaflets - Design & Print (No MOQ) -Myperfectpack

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Design & Print The folded leaflet is the quintessential print product for marketing and promotional materials. Whether you’re printing brochures, programmes, menus or posters, you’ll find a multitude of folding options to choose from.

Myperfectpack offer Custom leaflet-flyers-pamphlet printing service for any size and paper, which covers Maplitho, Art Paper (90 Gsm, 100 GSM & 130 Gsm), All Flyers are printed on Digital Printer with advanced Printing Machine for large quantity however you can order with NO MOQ Services with myperfectpack.

Myperfectpack have own setup with the latest machinery. Myperfectpack are using an latest version for the best quality in the printing Industry.

You can create flyers by adding some text on already designed templates. Flyers can be printed to promote your Business or Display some of your Products on the wall.

We can print from 1 flyer to many Flyers or you can contact us for your custom size and we can help you with your size.

Following are standard folded leaflets :

Single-fold or Half-fold - folded leaflets(Design & Print)

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Single-fold or Half-fold - Leaflet by Myperfectpack

The single fold (or half fold) is probably the most simple folding option available. The paper is folded once along the middle, creating 4 printed panels: a front cover, back cover, and two internal panels.

A Single Fold or Half Fold Leaflet is as simple as it sounds. One fold that goes straight down the middle. This gives you four panels (Printed Pages) for you to use for your design, A front cover, two inside pages and a back cover

Single Fold Leaflets are most commonly used for menu in restaurants and cafes or service based businesses such as Gyms or Barbers, where they want to list different options and the costs for each option.

Single-fold or Half-fold - leaflets

The letter fold (or roll fold) is the ideal choice for displaying a large amount of information in an organised manner. The paper is folded twice to produce 3 sections and 6 printed panels. Letter-fold is also available* in 8, 10 panels on selected page sizes and paper types

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Letter-fold or Roll-fold (6 panels) by myperfectpack

Double parallel-fold - folded leaflets

The double parallel fold is just the leaflet when there’s a lot to say. The paper is first folded in the center, before being folded a further two times to produce up to 6 sections (can also be 4 sections as the diagram shows here.)

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Double parallel-fold - Buy from Myperfectpack

Cross-fold - folded leaflets

The cross fold is ideal for larger prints such as posters, maps or infographics. The paper is folded in half and then half again to produce 4 sections and 8 printed panels.

A Cross Folded Leaflet is folded in half twice, to shape a cross in the middle of the Leaflet. This leaves you with eight sections across both sides to use for designs.

This type of Leaflet is most commonly used for maps and guides, as it can be folded into a much smaller sizes and can be easily stored in a pocket or bag.

At Myperfectpack we can print all your printed products no matter the specification or how complicated the product is.

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Cross-fold - Design and Print with Myperfectpack

Z-fold (6 panels) - folded leaflets

The z-fold (or concertina fold) is the perfect way to split up information into sections in a folded leaflet. The paper is folded twice so that it resembles a z-shape, producing 3 sections and 6 printed panels.

A Z-Fold Leaflet is a typical Tri-folded leaflet where the sides fold in the shape of a letter Z. This allows for each panel design to work independently, with different images and information in each section.

Z-fold is also available* in 8, 10 and 12 panels The paper is folded in three, four or five times so that it resembles a repeating z-shape ,producing 4, 5 or 6 sections and 8, 10 or 12 printed panels accordingly.

This type of Leaflet is very common for marketing material, such as sales pamphlets. This is because there is a lot of room to show off your products and services as well as location and contact information.

Design and Print your leaflet Z Fold Leaflet
Z-fold (6 panels) - Design & Print by Myperfectpack

Gate-fold (open - 6 panels)- folded leaflets

A Gate folded Leaflet with two folds towards the middle. These folds produce 2 panels that are half the size of the main panel in the middle. This means when you open the 2 smaller panels you are presented with one large main panel.

The gate fold is a very popular folding option. The paper is folded equally from either end so that they meet in the middle without overlapping, therefore resembling a gate.

This type of leaflet is commonly used for wedding invitation, so that the main invite information can be in the middle main panel, which is then seen when you open the 2 outer panels and allows for other information or imagery to be used on the smaller panels.

Design and Print with Myperfectpack Gate-fold (open - 6 panels)
Gate-fold (open - 6 panels) - Design and Print with Myperfectpack

Gate-fold (closed - 8 panels)- folded leaflets

The gate fold is a very popular folding option. The paper is folded equally from either end so that they meet in the middle without overlapping, therefore resembling a gate

Gate fold 8 panel leaflets

Summary :

Single Fold

Folded Foldable lealets

Z Fold :

Z fold leaflets

Gate Fold :

Gate fold leaflets

Cross Fold :

Cross fold leaflets


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