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Why You Need a Good Label Design to Upscale Your Brand Identity?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The role of a label for a product is similar to the role of the book cover for the book. Foremost, to draw attention followed by customer’s curiosity towards your product and finally the purchase. Great label design is intriguing, and informative, and makes the customer say “yes” to your product. Subsequently, you know how a good label design can help upscale your brand identity.

You Get Only 3 Seconds of Buyer’s Attention! Design Your Label Carefully

Every year, about 30,000 new products are launched out of which almost 80 per cent of the products fall flat. Reason?

The products remain unnoticed, also sometimes back shelved. Therefore, it is never a bad idea to reconsider your packaging and label design to make it more captivating to the customers. Research says shoppers lookout for products from known brands. On the cluttered shelf, it is really important to make your product stand out. Especially if it is a food and cosmetics label design, a thoughtful representation can do wonders for both new and existing products

#1 - Because Information Is Mandatory in Label

Labels give consumers clarity about the product. There are many products which require “how to use” instruction. An informative label makes the consumer feel self-sufficient and confident about the product he is buying.

  • Don’t try to hide the price and expiry date of your product.

  • Convey the recyclability information.

  • If it is a food label design, cross-check for allergy information.

  • Write the information in a legible font style and size.

  • For pharmaceutical and cosmetic label design, make sure you have provided child safety information.

#2 - Labels Speak Directly to the Customer

Labels are a great medium to convey your brand message directly to the consumer. For some packaging, labels are the only printed segment (especially food packaging labels). We do believe there is a vision behind the product you are selling and you want the customer to know it. Hence, do not hesitate to speak up about your brand message through labels. But, for sure, the brand message is a part of the information on the label and not the only one.

Where many manufacturers are going for a vintage style in their wine labels, we appreciate how Pinord wineries convey their principles through their labels.

Pro tip: Try to be “crisp” with your message for the consumer. People won’t read lengthy messages given the short attention span everyone has these days. The best is to try conveying your message graphically.

#3 - A Label Compliments the Packaging

What the tag is to the gift, a label is to the packaging.

But, it's also important that your label fits the packaging (or container). Suppose you get a bizarre design idea and you might want to jump into execution. But, wait. Is it complying with the packaging material? Would you be able to stick the label to the container? Therefore, keep in mind-

  1. The container or the packaging material for pasting the label.

  2. The texture or the surface of the packaging for sticking the label.

  3. The colour and size of the label depending on how much you want to show off the product.

  4. Product storage conditions like freezer or shelf.

  5. The adhesives and inks especially for food label design.

For example, paper labels are not suitable for storing products in refrigerators.

#4 - Label Design From the Cost Perspective

A great label design doesn’t mean reckless spending. At the same time, you should not be cost-cut on the label design. The label design cost depends on the agency you are hiring or if you are having an in-house design team. Many brands have won customers with their simple and minimalist designs. Whereas, some brands have poured ample creativity into the labels.

Hence, instead of thinking of label design as a cost overhead, one should count it as an investment. It is that part of the packaging, where the consumer spends the most time.

Final Thoughts on Label

Whether it's a new product or you are refreshing an existing product's look; you would want to know if your packaging and label design resonates with your customers. For this, customer feedback on the new look of the product can be helpful. You can survey the answers to the following questions-

  1. Is it the first time you are buying this product?

  2. Did you like the packaging?

  3. How would you rate the quality of the packaging?

  4. Was the product visible in the supermarket? Or do you search for it?

  5. Were you able to get the necessary information about the product?

  6. Your advice for us.

Get going with great label designs to ensure your packaging complements your product.

Now Design your labels and print with MYPERFECTPACK.

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