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Combination Padlocks (Wire Hoop Purple).

Designed in Rectangle shape, 3 digit password, wire hoop, you can set your password. Ideally for locking jewelry boxes, suitcases, drawers, and more.

If locked, the bottom button can't be pressed. The lock can be open at 0-0-0 when new. Press the side groove to open. Push the button in the direction of the arrow and hold it, until completing the next step. Rotate the dials so that your three secret numbers can't be seen. Turn the dials to your desired personal combination password, to open the lock.

Combination Padlocks (Wire Hoop Purple)

  • Ease of use.

    3-figure programmable combination.

    Protect your belongings with this lock's resilient materials.

    Fancy and colorful make it easy to spot which is your locker.

    Cute and fashionable.

    A resettable 3-digit lock is suitable for suitcases and luggage.

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