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Do You have your custom design ? Please Share with Us!  Click Here

Multicolour Printed Boxes        ,                                                                       
No Die Making , No Minimum order ,  No Colour Restriction                  
A multicolour digital print includes as many as  colours you need on a box.
The box is printed in Multi-color all over the box.
Digital printing is available in 8 sizes
The minimum quantity for digital printing is 1 ( One) . 

Customized Printed Paper Box

  • 1- If you are  designing your own way , you need to provide a graphic design file  ( art work ) in the same size of box you selected . You can avail the graphic design services from us too . 

    2- To Get best results , File should be in CDR, PNG, Editable PDF , Any Graphic design software format like Photoshop etc. 
    3- You can share file online and upload in website from product page or if you missed to attach , can share via email to Alternatively you can upload in google drive and share a link with us.

    Caution :

    1-Team will not modify any content in your design (If you have not choosen "Graphic design support" Services .

    2-Team will not make a mockup/ take approval before printing as this design is shared by you ; so we are not authorised to change any content. If artwork is in not size , the overall image can be squeed or expand like circle can become oval in your artwork . 

    3- If you need assistance with graphic design, you need to add graphic design services extra to printing. A graphic designer will connect with you and understand your requirements and box will be printed accordingly.

    In case of any clarification, feel free to write or call us .

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