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Spiral Notebook Diary (Flamingo) ‎17.5 x 14.5 x 3.5 cm

Home Genie Notebook/ Diary is your best ally for all the notes, whether daily tasks or shopping lists.

To-Do List Planner is good and durable and one of the must-have stationery essentials for schools, colleges, and every age group can easily use them. It ensures the best use for a longer period. This is the best gift for children, kid can be gifted on any occasion this notepad is easy to carry anywhere and stylish. It is perfect for college students and diary lovers who love to maintain personal memoirs regularly.

Spiral Notebook Diary (Flamingo)

    • Perfectly bound fancy notebook
    • Home Genie's latest design of printed notebooks
    • Stylish & attractive notebook cover
    • Easy to Carry.
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